The Hinge Pediatric Plating SystemTM

A less-invasive gentle correction to fix pediatric Mal-alignment through guided growth

The Hinge Pediatric Plating SystemTM is an articulated plate and screw system used to correct, through growth modulation, knee deformities in growing children. This innovative plate is intended to fix pediatric mal-alignment through a less-invasive, gentle correction. The rationale behind the design of the Hinge Plate is to achieve the ideal placement of a true hinge, at the growth plate, which allows for a guided manipulation of the deformity with less risk of implant failure and avoiding invasive osteotomies.


The Hinge Pediatric Plating System is indicated as a temporary implant to aid in the correction of angular deformities of long bones by modulating longitudinal growth of the physis in pediatric patients. It can be used to correct the following conditions:

  • Femur and tibia: varus, valgus, flexion or extension deformities of the knee.
  • Humerus: valgus or varus deformities of the elbow.
  • Radius and Ulna: flexion or extension deformities of the wrist.
  • Ankle: varus, valgus or plantar flexion deformities of the ankle.
  • Ideal placement of a true hinge at the growth plate
  • Stronger screw design
  • Easily adaptable to different bone morphology
  • Variety of plate and screw sizes
  • Unrestrained angular rotation around fulcrum
  • Precise and simple surgical technique