Infection treatment

Biocomposites is an international medical equipment company. It engineers, manufactures, and markets world-leading products for use in infection management in connection with bone and soft tissue. Based in Keele, UK, it has global operations across Europe, the USA, Canada, China, and India.  Biocomposites is a world leader in the development of innovative calcium compounds for surgical use. Its products target a broad spectrum of infection risks across a variety of specialities, including musculoskeletal infection, orthopaedics, trauma, spine, foot and ankle, and podiatry.  Its STIMULAN products are the first calcium matrices to receive European approval for mixing with antibiotics such as vancomycin, gentamicin, and tobramycin, for use in bone and soft tissue.  Biocomposites products are now used in over 100,000 procedures each year and are sold in more than forty countries around the world.

Stimulan - the perfect partner for your infection management strategy

STIMULAN is a truly absorbable calcium sulphate antibiotic carrier, one that is specifically designed to support the proactive management of dead space and surgical site infection with unrivalled flexibility and the broadest surgical application.¹

  • The only calcium matrix approved for use in bone and soft tissue
  • Approved for mixing with vancomycin, gentamicin, and tobramycin
  • Can be placed directly into infected and non-infected sites
Recrystallisation method

STIMULAN is uniquely recrystallised for consistent and reliable performance in carrying antibiotics to the site of musculoskeletal infections.

With the ability to mix substances according to the specific antimicrobial requirements of each infection, STIMULAN combines flexibility with the predictability and consistency that is necessary to ensure sustained antibiotic cover.

  • Physiological pH
  • Controlled purity
  • No hydroxyapatite, insoluble impurities, or PMMA debris
  • Easily mixed with liquid and powder antibiotics

Only STIMULAN undergoes a proprietary DRy26™ recrystallisation method that starts with pharmaceutical-grade reagents and results in its consistent and reliable performance. This makes it suitable for carrying antibiotics to infected sites. 1,6-11 

  • completely absorbs at an optimum rate 
  • no third body damage 
  • predictable elution profile 
  • proven action against biofilms 
  • flexibility when it comes to tailoring the antibiotic to clinical needs

Case-by-case flexibility

Every part of STIMULAN has been designed to provide simplicity, intra-operative flexibility, and optimum results. A variety of formats are available, all of which are convenient and fast to set.

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STIMULAN ® Rapid Cure

Rapid setting paste with individual bead kit.

  • Beads can be prepared in three sizes: 3, 4.8 and 6mm.
  • Available in 3cc, 5cc , 10cc and 20cc pack (bead volume 7cc, 12cc , 25cc ir 50cc).
  • Rapid setting in approx. 4 minutes.